Wildeburn, a gathering of Burners

The Burn

It is not the size of the art-pieces or the numbers that make a Burn. It is YOU the Community that paint the canvas.

We follow the Burning Man Principles, which were crafted not as a dictate of how people should behave and act, but as a reflection of our Burn community's ethos, spirit and culture. .

Back to Basics

Our Burner spirit, ethos and culture is reflected through the 10 Principles in our involvement in uplifting and supporting our fellow Burners and local communities, and how we as Burners approached and live our 'default-world' lifes.

Respect yourself, respect the diversity in your fellow humans, respect the gift of labour, respect Nature and this Earth we live on.

The Burn


Your Burn Home

Imagine Dream Create Burn

Wildeburn bell

Where the Burner-bell Rings

Crafted from steel and moulded by the Principles calling Burners back home.

Wildeburn entrance

A Place of Dreams

Wildeburn suburb - Theme camps

The Burn of Love

When two souls meet.

Fire, Laughter, Happy Place


Burning the'Bose magte' Wildeburn 2017

'Bose Magte' 2017

In 2017, our very first burn was to burn the 'Bose Magte' (Evil Spirits), and so it will be again in 2021.

Dream, Create, Burn

Guiding Principles

The spirit, ethos and culture.

Leave no trace